Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just for Courtney

A couple of weeks ago Courtney told me how much she loved my blog about hearts and then she said that she felt inspired to look for Happy Faces. A few days later I saw a cute oil spot Happy Face on the street in front of my house and so I took it's picture and sent it to Toni to give to her. Last night Samuel, Grandpa and I went out to Clarissa and Logan's house for dinner and on the way home we passed by the water tower that is on the ASU East campus. It has lights on it so the airplanes can see it at night anyway I said how I wished I had my camera but that I had left my purse at home and then I said that I could take the picture with my phone, but I left it at home also. Then without a moments hesitation Grandpa whipped out his phone and handed it to me. We got this great picture but then we had to get Jenny to figure out how to get it off the phone and onto my computer. It was a three generation effort for the forth generation to enjoy. I love it! It could have only been better if the "Happy Water Tower Man" had a heart lit up also. Oh well you can't have everything. Thank you Courtney for bring a few smiles to my face. (Check out my hearts blog I think I can get him a heart)