Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The 5 Sisters' Great Waist Meltdown?

So what happened? Was a winner announced?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just for Courtney

A couple of weeks ago Courtney told me how much she loved my blog about hearts and then she said that she felt inspired to look for Happy Faces. A few days later I saw a cute oil spot Happy Face on the street in front of my house and so I took it's picture and sent it to Toni to give to her. Last night Samuel, Grandpa and I went out to Clarissa and Logan's house for dinner and on the way home we passed by the water tower that is on the ASU East campus. It has lights on it so the airplanes can see it at night anyway I said how I wished I had my camera but that I had left my purse at home and then I said that I could take the picture with my phone, but I left it at home also. Then without a moments hesitation Grandpa whipped out his phone and handed it to me. We got this great picture but then we had to get Jenny to figure out how to get it off the phone and onto my computer. It was a three generation effort for the forth generation to enjoy. I love it! It could have only been better if the "Happy Water Tower Man" had a heart lit up also. Oh well you can't have everything. Thank you Courtney for bring a few smiles to my face. (Check out my hearts blog I think I can get him a heart)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Check it out!

I have started a new business. I have made, at the request of Aunt Peggy, stationary that goes along with my Hearts To Live By blog. I hope you will check it out and pass it on to others you think may be interested. Go Here!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Guess Who's Getting Published!!

That would be me! A local business woman here in Ames contacted me and asked if she could use 2 of my photographs (which she found on flickr) for a calendar. The profits from the sales are going to benefit downtown green projects. Anyhow, these are the photos she's using:



I'm so excited!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New baby in the Family

So most everyone has heard that we have a new baby in the family. His name is Gordon Kent Jones. He is a cute little guy at 9lbs and 12 ozs. He has had a bit of trouble getting started, I could go on and on about how disappointed I am with that but anyway he seems to really be a survivor. I think he will be coming home before too long anywhere from Thursday to next Thursday. Lets all pray for this Thursday. Thank you so much for all of you prayers and well wishes. (I hope I don't get introuble for this picture but I think it is so cute.)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Crazy Aunt Peggy

OK here she is, your Crazy Aunt Peggy and her first You Tube video. Go here to see it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQU9QoxI5YU

What's With the Politics?

Hi family! I know some of you got the email that Dawn sent with John Stossel's report on the president's plan for health care.

He did a great job and the online petitions that are going around email are great, but there really are more things that we could be doing. First and foremost, we need to be informed and know what's going on. Information and knowledge are the greatest weapons we have. And you should always get opinions from both sides - find out what all sorts of people are saying and then make your own, informed decision. Then, if you really want to make a difference and let your opinion be known, contact your Senators and Representative. If you don't know who they are or don't know their stand on the issues, you can find everything by entering your zip code at this website: http://capwiz.com/acu/dbq/officials/. From there you can get their contact email and click for more info. Most, if not all, of your Senators and Representatives will have personal websites linked where you can find out where they stand on health care and other issues.

Additional resources:
A Primer on Politics, by D. James Cannon
Beyond Voting: Some Duties of the LDS Citizen, by Cheryll Lynn May
League of Women Voters
Democratic National Committee
Republican National Committee
American Independent Party
Libertarian Party
Teaching Children About Politics
How to Get Involved in Politics

I don't know of any of parties that represent people in our family, but please post other helpful sites that I didn't include!

A video to explain different type of governments:

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The 5 Sisters' Great Waist Meltdown!

That's right! The contest starts September 1st and ends September 30 to see which sister (Aunt) can lose the most inches off her waist. There are some real competetive spirits among the 5 of us, and some who are not so competetive but are willing to join the effort just for the fun of it (?). If any of the younger generation wants to join the contest, feel free. But I think we should have a separate category for the younger group, since it is probably a tad bit harder to lose those inches once you hit 50.

So here we go.....it's MELTDOWN TIME!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Etsy shop

Come visit my etsy shop. I haven't added anything in such a long time but I finally added a ton of new pendants I have been working on. They have been so fun to make, so come check them out!
oh and p.s. Charmaine totally got me into this, she is amazing and teaches me so much.

Hey Fam

Hello Family,
I can't say I'm a big blogger, I rarely check Facebook, just now learning how to text fast, and don't even know what Twitter really is. But.....I love family and want you all to know we look forward to our Christmas gathering. I check my e-mail the most so if you want to say hi that's the best way. Or call, I'm a great multi tasker. We're all doing very well and happy. Joseph and Sam started 4th and 1st grade and they enjoy it. It's too quiet with them gone so I really am happy to pick them and add some welcomed chaos. It's hard to see Summer end but fun to see the grow up. sniff sniff

I ask Julie for family updates quite frequently and try to stay in the loop. Macy just handed me two cubes of unwrapped butter so I must go. Thank you Susan for helping us stay in touch.


Saturday, August 15, 2009


OK, super family of mine - I was just called as the Activities Chairperson in our ward and I'm a little intimidated. I need some ideas of what kind of activities you've done in your wards and what you've enjoyed and not enjoyed. Right now, we've got a big building cleaning planned for September for the whole ward and the Bishopric wants some kind of picnic (or similar) afterward. I've also got to start thinking about the Trunk-or-Treat in October and of course the ward Christmas party in December (that one REALLY intimidates me). And any of you who have had this calling, please feel free to give advice. And I have my first Ward Council Meeting (ever!) tomorrow morning. Yikes!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Prophet's Prayer

Have you all heard this song? Simply beautiful. The YCL's sang it at camp and there was not a dry eye in the house (or ramada). The story behind the song is amazing as well. If you go here, you can download the song FOR FREE (my favorite) and the sheet music is here as well. Our YW are planning on singing this song at an upcoming Sacrament meeting. Just wanted to share....

Hello Out There!

-Bou's 6 Month Old Photo-

Hello Family! Mine and Logan's blog is private but would love to add any family! (Just leave a comment with your e-mail address or send it my way, clarissajobaxter@hotmail.com)And I see that a few of you have accounts but no blogs, thats silly! ;) Be sure to update us on here and post some pictures! We love you all!


Ok-believe it or not, this is my very first time EVER posting on a blog. I've commented before, but never ever made a new post. This week in my crazy hectic home we started school like so many others. Jase and Laura both seem to like their teachers, which is a welcome relief because Jase had a hard year last year-his teacher was ...grrr. He is optimistic so far. Laura's teacher was ok- but this one shines, I can already tell! Anyway, Paige 5 is trying to crawl, Luke and Kyara are going to be starting 'home school' as Laura calls it, Kyle is still at Gatorade and in the middle of several home improvement projects, and I- well I will yet again suffer through an online math class in my never-ending pursuit of RN-ness.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

If Grandma and Grandpa were a Hollywood Couple...

They would be known as Hughla.

Calling All Ollertons

Hello descendants of Hugh and Lola Nell Ollerton! I know there were many of you involved with the previous Trollerdition site that Dawn set up (thank-you Dawn!!), but I know that others of you had a hard time time accessing the site, plus it wasn't free. So we've set up this blog- which is free!! Please get involved! Anyone can come here and read and add comments. If you want to post here, you need to be a contributor. From Grandpa to my (Charmaine's) generation have all received invations to contribute. If any of the fourth generation would like to contribute (like Connor and Courtney who have their own blogs!), all you have to do is email Aunt Susan or myself and we can add you. It's so easy. As more of us get involved in this and get the hang of it, we can begin to add calendar features, a photo group on Flickr and other gadgets.

Lets get this party started.

OK, look it has been 2 years since anyone has blogged on this page. I think that we need to get it going again. I would love for anyone that wants to be a writer to email me and I will give you the pass word and we can all get back to keeping in contact with each other. Lets see if we can get it to work. Love ya, Susan