Sunday, August 9, 2009

Calling All Ollertons

Hello descendants of Hugh and Lola Nell Ollerton! I know there were many of you involved with the previous Trollerdition site that Dawn set up (thank-you Dawn!!), but I know that others of you had a hard time time accessing the site, plus it wasn't free. So we've set up this blog- which is free!! Please get involved! Anyone can come here and read and add comments. If you want to post here, you need to be a contributor. From Grandpa to my (Charmaine's) generation have all received invations to contribute. If any of the fourth generation would like to contribute (like Connor and Courtney who have their own blogs!), all you have to do is email Aunt Susan or myself and we can add you. It's so easy. As more of us get involved in this and get the hang of it, we can begin to add calendar features, a photo group on Flickr and other gadgets.